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Innovation plus integration. We'll guide you through the in-depth process of creating the most innovative, strategic, and on-target solution that will help your business grow.

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7 Sources of Content for Your Small Business Website
Jun 9 - 2:39 pm
Finding inspiration for your small business website is not as scary as that blinking cursor on your blank Word document.  Take a quick look at your small business and you'll find more web-worthy information than you imagined.   Here are a few places ... Read More
Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile
May 12 - 4:14 am
Your small business or community now has a website.  That's great!  It's supremely important that you have a web presence.

But, I need to ask you, have you looked at your website on a mobile phone or tablet?

The results may surprise you.  If consumers ... Read More

Outdated or Here Another Year? - Website Features
Jan 14 - 9:18 am
Website features, like anything else, come and go with differing fads and fashions.  Does your website have a feature you should hang on to?  Or a feature that you should get rid of?

Recently. Mashable asked 12 entrepreneurs for their opinion on web ... Read More

What the Top Apps of 2013 Say About Us
Dec 30, 2013 - 3:46 am
If you're like us, you've downloaded and used a number of different apps this year.  Apple recently revealed the top apps downloaded in 2013 from their App Store.  Here's the list:

Top Free iPhone
  1. Candy Crush Saga    
  2. YouTube
  3. Temple Run 2
  4. Vine
  5. Google ... Read More

How to Unplug
Oct 28, 2013 - 5:50 am
As people who love the web, technology and our mobile phones, we readily admit that we're plugged in.  All.  The.  Time.  However, this can lead to information overload.  Or a sense of never really focusing on who we're with or where we're at.

What ... Read More

5 Web Design Tips from the Redesign
Aug 26, 2013 - 2:00 am
Image courtesy of Fast Company
Want to know what a $15 million website redesign looks like? is planning to unveil their brand-new website in November, and they've tweaked the homepage, the mobile experience and the back-end of their website ... Read More

Innovate like Marissa Mayer
Aug 8, 2013 - 2:38 pm

Marissa Mayer's strategic plan for innovation at Yahoo! has been to acquire 20 start-ups in just over a year.  Sometimes she did this to acquire technology and sometimes it was the people behind the tech that caught her eye.

Your small business may ... Read More

Search Privacy - An Education from DuckDuckGo
Jul 22, 2013 - 2:00 am
With the recent news about PRISM (government access to US Citizen's search information), would you make the switch to a search engine that promises privacy?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine whose privacy policy is they do not share any searches with ... Read More

Facebook Hashtags on Personal Profiles
Jul 12, 2013 - 3:58 am
How do Facebook hashtags affect your personal profiles?  Many businesses and pages can be seen
rolling out hashtags with their updates, photos and statuses, but what does this mean for personal profiles?  It seems a number of people are asking. ... Read More

Hashtags on Facebook - 3 Tips for Business
Jul 1, 2013 - 4:38 am
Hashtags have crossed over from Twitter to Facebook.  Remember when spam emails where just catching on?  Email marketers would use every trick in the book to get you to open their email.  Hashtags can have a similar "spammy" look to your posts on ... Read More
Jul 30 - 4:09 am
Does emailing interrupt focus and productivity? "Without email, [they] focused longer on their tasks, multitasked less, and had lower stress."

The Key to a Better Day at Work: E-mail Less, Flow More - Crew Blog
Have you ever felt like all you do is check your e-mail? Well, you may not spend ALL your time checking your e-mail but you do spend about 28% of your time doing it. That translates into about 13-hours a week or 650 hours ...

Jul 29 - 2:15 am
Thought this was interesting: "A busy NYC restaurant kept getting bad reviews for slow service, so they hired a firm to investigate. When they compared footage from 2004 to footage from 2014, they made some pretty startling discoveries."

Customers with smartphones take twice as long to dine--taking photos, checking in, leaving reviews all take time along with enjoying their meal.

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist
Here's why service is slow...

Jul 25 - 8:34 am
DMI Studios is a proud sponsor of Kaukauna Ghost Fastpitch. Congratulations to the little lady U8 Ghosts on their National Championship!

Kaukauna Ghosts Fastpitch

Congratulations to Kaukauna Fastpitch U8 NSA National Champions!!!! Great job coach Steve Meredith and your entire team!!

Jul 25 - 7:49 am
DMI Studios is a proud sponsor of Kaukauna Ghost Fastpitch. Congratulations to the little lady U8 Ghosts on their National Championship!

Kaukauna Ghosts Fastpitch

Congratulations to Kaukauna Fastpitch U8 NSA National Champions!!!! Great job coach Steve Meredith and your entire team!!

Jul 25 - 7:10 am
What's on your Friday afternoon playlist?
This Huey Lewis and The News classic just came on and increased productivity 15%.


Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love

"The Power of Love" is the title of a 1985 single by Huey Lewis and the News written for and featured in the 1985 blockbuster film Back to the Future. It gav...

Jul 24 - 2:05 am
It's #ThrowbackThursday so we thought we'd post a little tribute to our designer, Mike Heffner, who celebrated his 18-year anniversary at DMI this week. Mike is responsible for all our awesome site designs AND he makes a mean hot dog! Happy Anniversary Mike!

Jul 23 - 5:30 am
Calling all Fashionistas... DMI just worked with ShopKo to launch TREND.spire, their new fashion blog! Get the latest on emerging trends to give you inspiration when updating your wardrobe- at a price you can afford!

ShopKo's Fashion Trend Blog | TREND.spire is Shopko's official fashion blog!

Globe TrekkerJuly 16, 2014ATTENTION JET SETTERS: This is your season! Go on an exotic journey this summer in wild animal prints, mosaic accents, and crochet layers. You can leave the GPS behind as you explore your wild side with these global inspired looks. From the important lace and crochet de...

Jul 22 - 5:41 am
Orange is the new green.


Netflix earnings more than double
Netflix, the popular streaming and mail-order DVD service, announced second quarter earnings Tuesday. Netflix is the darling of the upcoming Emmy awards, with hit series like

Jul 22 - 3:00 am
Working on a big project and listening to some music to help with focus. Not sure if it is helping, or just keeping our toes tapping. But it's kind of fun.

Uptempo Music for Study ? Work ? Focus ? Concentration ? 1 Hour

Try it for free today! Created using the Uptempo channel on focus@will. focus@will is a new neuroscience based web tool that uses speci...

Jul 21 - 9:35 am
Facebook has a new save feature. Links, places, music and more can be saved to view later on. Feature will be rolled out in the coming days.

Love how this puts the user experience at the forefront.

More info:


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