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Cyber Monday - Is It For Real?

Nov. 26, 2012 10:33 am

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"Cyber Monday" was appropriately coined in 2005 by a press release that year.  Their research indicated a major swing in online sales on the Monday's following Thanksgiving.  Increasing access to high-speed internet, the need to shop online while kids are asleep, and the need to complete unfinished holiday shopping are reasons sighted for the Cyber Monday madness.  In response, online retailers took note of the trend and created specific sales and promotions beginning in 2005.

Is Cyber Monday really the biggest online shopping day of the year?

According to comScore, since they began tracking e-commerce activity in 2001, consumers spent $1.028 Billion online on Cyber Monday 2010, making it the biggest spending day of the year.  Prior to that, Cyber Monday was not the biggest sales-day of the year.

Cyber Monday shopping since 2005:

Cyber Monday still only represents a small portion of total holiday sales (online and traditional), however the importance of the sale day is increasing each year.  It's beginnings were humble (and mostly hype), however Cyber Monday 2011 was the highest online sales day on record!

Ever Changing.  

The latest tech trend is the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping.  The most common platform for mobile browsing is the iPhone.  Practical Ecommerce notes Black Friday mobile browsing was higher than Cyber Monday browsing, probably because most people were away from their work computers.


  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important eCommerce dates for virtually all retailers
  • The number of consumers using mobile devices for shopping is increasing rapidly.
  • Many shoppers are doing so from their work computers.
For even more Cyber Monday info, check out Information Experts Infographic.

Happy shopping!

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