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What Impact Does Summer Tourism Have on Your Business?

July 26, 2016 11:35 am

If you are taking a vacation this year, especially if you are bringing children, chances are it will be during July or August. Are we right? These months are some of the most popular for getaways, and because of this, the tourism industry is booming in the summer. We're talking $3.8 billion in Wisconsin visitor sales 2015's 3rd Quarter. As a result, organizations impacted need to make sure their marketing is strong and focused to bring in the most business possible.

At DMI, one of our specialties is working with counties and their tourism groups. When we are approached by a county, city, or tourism group, the goal is not just to create them a website, it's to make sure their efforts are met with success. Whether it's through their website, social media platforms, or online search presence, we assist our clients with delivering their message to ensure they can share their area's gems to keep visitors returning, and ultimately, keep local businesses profitable.

Our tourism websites contain a client-controlled, customizable events and calendar tool that allows the client to keep a detailed, running list of upcoming events. This makes it easy for the county or tourism group to share events as they are planned, and easy for visitors to quickly see what they can attend during their stay. We also provide social media consulting on how to best reach their target audience and grow their following, and additional marketing services in Search Engine Optimization strategies to ensure their website appears well in search results.

For counties and tourism groups to be truly successful, they must be able to support the organizations within them. By sharing lodging and dining locations on their website, and promoting the businesses on social media, counties and tourism groups can easily draw visitors to their area. Partnering with several area businesses and putting together a giveaway is a great way to gain awareness surrounding the area's establishments, and builds excitement in travelers.

Because organizations like shops, restaurants, and campgrounds, are just as impacted by the surge in visitors to the area, their top priority should be marketing themselves well enough to attract both new and returning customers. This means their website should be current, informative, eye-catching, and easy to find in search results. People are searching on mobile now more than ever, which makes it incredibly important for websites to be Responsive, or mobile-friendly. Chances are, these searches are happening spontaneously and on-the-go. Don't miss out on opportunities because your site is difficult to navigate on a phone or because users can't find you online! If your website needs an update to a Responsive design or a boost in search results, we are happy to help you get there.

Smaller establishments that know they need to share their message, but don't have the need for event tools, or don't have as much content to share, may be wondering if there is an option best-suited for them. There is, and we have it! Our solution for these establishments (bars, food vendors, food trucks, etc.) is our Runwaysite program. Runwaysites are single-page websites that are both mobile and Google friendly, and are a more cost-effective way to easily share to-the-point information. Like our full websites, these are client-controlled, which allows the client to update content as needed, and change offers seasonally.

While summer is a crucial time for the tourism industry, marketing for your establishment needs to be year-round, though definitely amplified in these warmer months. If you need help attracting more visitors, we'd love to chat!

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Why Our Website Designs are Better for Tourism

Mar. 15, 2013 8:42 am

Over the last few years, we've had the pleasure of working with some great Wisconsin Counties and Cities in getting their interactive presence in order.  Nothing brings us more joy then helping these counties attract businesses, tourists and those relocating through the quality information on their websites.

In honor of the upcoming Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism this next week, we'd like to showcase how our websites are helping these counties take care of business.

1.  Great Design

It's easy to say that we produce websites with great design, but we'll let the websites themselves speak for themselves:

In addition to having great design, we work a little magic into those designs as well.  Allow us to explain: typically an entity will come to us and say they need a new website.  "However," they'll go on, "we share our website with the county's Economic Development and City Council.  How can we make one website to serve all three interests?"

That's a great question!  Creating a website that serves different "customers" can be a difficult task, but it's one we've tackled on many of these website designs.  The keys to directing the website traffic are having clear navigation and calls-to-action for each customer base.  Dilemma solved!

 2.  Total Customization

In addition to creating a great design, we love working with each entity to ensure their website contains all of the data and information they'd like to get out to the public.  Some of the features we have included are:
  • Facebook Integration
  • Events Calendar
  • Area Business Directory
  • Photo Gallery
  • PDF Upload (for brochures, etc)
  • Lodging Directory
Since each website is a custom solution (and not a template) these features are easy to add in for any entity that would like them.  The key here is a totally custom solution for their unique needs.

3.  One Database to Rule Them All

Another benefit to a custom website is a custom database--one that stores all of your valuable information such as Events, Photos, Business Information and other data.  This database is used everyday to feed information to your website, but it's not a one-hit wonder.
The very same database that is used to populate your website can be used for your mobile app or website!

This means no re-entering data between databases that feed your website and app!  It's a powerful tool that will help your customers get the information they need from any device they're on.  How's that for power?

4.  Turnkey Solution

Just building and maintaining a website can be a frustrating and confusing situation.  You need a web host, a web designer, an email host, someone to help design your Facebook page, an app developer and someone to help market it all once it's all live.  Whew!  Then, when the entities need to get information from one another, well you know who will be caught in-between.

DMI Studios is a complete turnkey solution.  Our motto is:
They want to build your website.  We want to build your business.
Were a one-stop shop!  We can do all of these things for you to eliminate any past headaches (remember that web-host that just.  stopped.  hosting. ?) and work to make the web creation process as seamless as possible.  With these solutions all under one roof, you won't even need to reach for the pain-reliever.


We truly love partnering with Wisconsin Counties, Cities and Parks to create custom web designs to meet their needs.  To view a number of other tourism and government-related websites we've done, check out our portfolio.

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Content Management - A Powerful Tool

Nov. 12, 2012 8:44 am

Content is king.  Consumers are looking for up-to-date information about virtually every brand--your brand.  How can you deliver timely content and keeps costs down?   Content Management can be the silver-bullet in your brand's arsenal.

One client of DMI Studios' that leverages our Content Management System is Port Washington, WI.  Port Washington needed a website that combined the identity's of their tourism industry, chamber of commerce and main street programs.  In addition, each identity had a wealth of information that would need to be routinely updated.

When searching for a web design agency that was up to the task, Kathy Tank, Executive Director for Port Washington Tourism Council knew she could look to DMI Studios.  "I knew [Brad of DMI Studios] well enough to know that he would not misrepresent what DMI could do, just to get the deal.  When I talked about the challenge we had, needing a website for three distinct entities, combined into one website, without any of the entities losing their identity, [Brad] said he knew DMI Studios could come up with a solution."

The challenge was steep.  Port Washington needed a website for the three separate entities that was easy to navigate and consolidated, yet distinct for each identity.  In addition, each entity had differing needs for DMI's Content Management System.  

Once the website was created, Port Washington was armed with a unified brand for three entities and DMI's Content Management System.  Now, their dedicated staff are able to update the website quickly and easily; making the go-to website for their distinct audiences.

"People say it [the website] looks very professional, and being able to update it when needed helps us to keep the site vibrant and up-to-date with the latest information.  That makes Port Washington able to compete with the big guys." says Kathy.

Website's have precious few moments to capture a user's attention before they click away and find another source for information. About the website DMI created, Kathy notes, "People say [our website] is easy to navigate and they can find what they are looking for."  User experience is key in creating a valuable resource.

A major benefit to DMI's Content Management System is the ability to control costs as well.  "The easy-to-use CMS keeps costs in-line with dedicated staff being able to update content and manage the website without having to pay anyone else to make the changes," Kathy noted. That means more updates on-the-fly.    

Kathy explained, "[There are] no financial boundaries keeping us back from using the website.  This keeps the website vibrant and refreshed with the latest information and helps us do a better job of communicating info about Port Washington to our audience, thus helping us to drive more tourism visits and business for our economy."

Timely content is the key to engaging customers on the web.  Port Washington relies heavily on content management with various parts of the website being updated almost daily!  Port Washington has become the expert in their brand by publishing timely content and communicating daily with their distinct audiences.

Website created.  Business enhanced.

What can content management do for your brand?
If you'd like to see a demonstration of our Content Management System, we'd be happy to show it off!  Contact us and we'll be there.  With bells on. 

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Internet 101 - Content Management for Websites

Oct. 11, 2012 2:15 pm

This post is part of a series of Internet 101 information topics. As always, when class is dismissed, you're welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like any additional information.  If you don't feel at the head of your class, don't worry, we took notes.
In the infancy stages of the World Wide Web, updating your website required fluency in HTML or having an on-call webmaster.  The Internet has grown up quite a bit in the last 20+ years and content management is a powerful change.

Content Management Tools (CMTs) (n.) are "forms" within the administrative area of a website that allow a web owner to quickly and easily update content on their website.

What kind of content can be updated?

A CMT can be created for virtually ANY content that you'd like to provide and update regularly on your website--News, Events, Products, Services, Testimonials, Video, Photos, Employment Openings, FAQs, Documents, Links, and the list goes on.

Why update content?

Many websites start out as online brochures--well, you have to start somewhere!  However, an interactive website that your audience can rely upon as a valuable source of information is much more powerful than an online brochure.

You see, any valued relationship needs conversation.  Imagine a dinner party guest that tells the same story over and over to each party attendant.  After listening to the story time after time, people would begin to wonder what was wrong with that guy.

What was his social faux pas?  Aside from the plaid pants he was sporting, he also delivered the same story regardless of the audience--kind of like a brochure website.

Now the life of the party, what was he up to?  He had great stories to tell, listened attentively and enjoyed the conversation--he was dynamic!  And, he was dressed like 007.

CMTs allow your website to be dynamic and encourage conversation with your audience, so you can be the life of the Interwebs.

DMI Studios has proprietary Content Management Systems-loaded with CMTs to give your website a competitive advantage.  If you'd like to see a Content Management System demonstration, we'd love to show off our work, you party animal.

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